Best Approach to Attending Halloween Horror Nights 33

Guests entering Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort.

Figuring out your Halloween plans each year can be tricky — especially when looking to spend them at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. As a Universal Partner Hotel, we’ve made the best guide to navigating this frightful affair. Below is our best approach to Halloween Horror Nights 2024. 

Go When It’s Slow

Universal has slow days, weeks, and months. If you want to maximize your time at HHN, you should start by going when it’s slow.

This year, HHN starts on August 30 and runs until November 3. Most people want to experience the horror as close to Halloween as possible, making October a popular time.

Unless you want to be a part of the rush, you should avoid attending on opening night. Plan your Halloween ventures around early to mid-September so large crowds don’t slow you down.

It also helps to go on slower days of the week. Weekdays tend to draw in smaller crowds due to people’s work schedules. Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to be the least crowded, as well as Sundays, due to those who must wake up early for work the following day.

Get an Express Pass

The last thing you want to be at Halloween Horror Nights is waiting in line wishing you had an express pass. If you want to guarantee a good time at this scary affair, it’s best to go express.

Guests screaming in terror at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort.

A Universal Express Pass allows you to breeze through the lines at haunted houses and rides to avoid long wait times.

This is the key to hitting every haunted house and ride.

Book a Guided V.I.P. Walking Tour

If you’re still not sure where to start this season at Halloween Horror Nights, then book a guided tour. Universal Orlando offers a few options to ensure your visit is nothing short of spooktacular.

You can group up with other fans with the R.I.P. Tour that offers “Priority V.I.P.” entry to all haunted houses on the itinerary. There’s also an option to book a private tour with the R.I.P. Tour Guide.

If you want to see what the haunted houses look like in the light, you can also book a daytime guided tour. This option lets you choose either a three- or six-haunted house tour on select dates and times.

More Tips for Attending Halloween Horror Nights

There’s a lot you should know before you go to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. From best practices to costume guidelines, we’ve got you covered.

One theme park practice you should follow during HHN is starting at the back of the park. Most people rush toward the haunted houses in the front of the park, leading to long wait times. Be different from the rest by starting at the back and working your way toward the front.

Be sure to get there early. Most people wait until the sun goes down before coming to HHN, but festivities begin in the early evening. Have some frightening fun under a little sun and beat the rush of the nighttime crowds.

Brush up on the media the haunted houses are themed on. One haunted house is based on the hit horror film, “A Quiet Place.” You’ll garner a new appreciation for the houses once you fully understand the lore behind them.

Girls screaming in terror at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort.

Do yourself a favor and don’t go to HHN alone. The experience can be scary, and you’ll need someone there to comfort you along the way. Plus, who will you cling to when the scare actors creep up behind you?

We know Halloween is the best time of the year to break out your new, horrifyingly great costumes, but Universal Orlando has strict guidelines that must be followed when attending Halloween Horror Nights.

Don't attend HHN wearing masks, face makeup, or costumes with props. If you do wear a costume, it must not exceed more than 25 inches wide and 80 inches tall. If your attire can be mistaken for that of a scare actor, it is prohibited.

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