Dog Friendly

A man with dogs posing in the garden at Rosen Inn Universal

Responsible dogs arriving with their well-behaved humans are welcome to stay with prior approval. We have specific guestrooms designated for guests with animal companions. These guestrooms have easy access to dog walk areas outdoors. Advance reservations are required.

To keep your dog, you, and our other guests happy, safe, and comfortable, we kindly ask dog owners to act responsibly with guest dog(s) and follow the guidelines listed below: 

  • We welcome all dogs who are current on vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian is required and must be available upon request. 

  • Maximum of two (2) dogs per guestroom allowed. 

  • Guestroom accounts are charged a nonrefundable fee of $15, plus tax, per dog, per guestroom, and per night. Service animals excluded. If paying cash, a $50 deposit, plus tax, is required. The cash deposit is refundable after our staff has inspected the guestroom. 

  • Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog(s) on hotel property including grounds. Please immediately remove and dispose of any waste. An additional cleaning fee may apply if the dog(s) creates an excessive mess. 

  • Please use the designated dog walk area outside of the hotel for dog relief and healthy exercise. 

  • Please place the special “Dog in Room” door hanger sign provided at check-in on the outside of your guestroom door for the duration of your stay as a special recognition to celebrate the guest dog’s stay. 

  • Properly supervise your dog(s) at all times while on property. Keep your dog(s) on a leash when outside of your guestroom or secured in a crate when left unattended in your guestroom. 

  • Dog owners are responsible for all personal injuries and/or property damage related to their dog(s). 

  • Hotel reserves the right to ask the guest and their dog to leave without a refund if the dog displays signs of aggression. 

  • As a courtesy to all hotel guests, noise should respectfully be kept to a minimum. If your guest dog is making excessive noise, you will be contacted for compliance. Your dog needs rest just like you. We want you to enjoy your stay. 

  • Guest dogs are restricted from the pool areas, restaurants, lounges, health club, spa, on any lobby furniture, and in meeting spaces. Service animals excluded. 

  • Please schedule housekeeping service between 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Allow 30 minutes to an hour for service—time may vary. Safely crate or remove your dog(s) from the guestroom during room cleaning service. 

  • If the dog’s behavior results in complaints by other guests, the hotel reserves the right to ask the guest to leave or to find alternative accommodations for the dog. 

If guests are unable to comply with the Rosen Inn Dog Policy, other kennel and dog sitting services may be obtained through the lobby concierge for the guest dog’s convenience. Since these services are not provided by the hotel, we cannot be held responsible for any dog service engaged by guest/dog owner. 

Please feel free to contact us at 1 (407) 996-4444 if you have additional questions.