Everything We Know About Universal’s Epic Universe

Imagine the year is 1990. Universal Orlando Resort just opened its first park to the public. The bare-bones amusement park of yesteryear would be almost unrecognizable in comparison to today’s premier tourist destination. 

Universal Studios Orlando Welcome Sign

With the opening of countless resorts, a sophomore theme park in 1999, and even the addition of a water park in 2017, it would be an understatement to say Universal Destinations & Experiences has come a long way since its conception.  

Though the history of Universal Orlando is intriguing enough, the future of the brand is looking even more Epic. 

Universal Orlando’s fourth project Universal Epic Universe is underway and theme park enthusiasts are starting to get excited. 

With so much speculation running the rumor mill, we’ve compiled a list of everything that is 100% confirmed fact about Epic Universe. 

Concept Art and Building Plans 

In August of 2019, Universal Orlando’s parent company, Comcast, announced a fourth park installment for the renowned resort. Set to open in 2025, Epic Universe has piqued the interest of many around the world, those of whom are excited to see Universal’s latest project come to life. 

Theme park enthusiasts have been waiting patiently for any kind of news or indication of what the park will entail, which had initially been kept minimal due to the competitive nature of the theme park business. But we were able to get our hands on the building plans and concept art for the park. 

The first look into Epic Universe was an art rendering of the park’s map, released during the first announcement. 

Concept art for Universal Studio's Epic Universe.

In the graphic, you can clearly see that they are following the usual Universal formula. There is an iconic entrance, a central hub, and a park broken into different lands with different themes – a layout design cohesive throughout all their parks. 

What’s most eye-catching about the graphic is the grandiose hotel that sits right at the back of the park, whose construction is already visible from certain roads. 

The sheer size of the park is one of the many things that earn the park’s name. According to building plans, it’s understood that the park is going to be 750-acres large, which is almost the size of all three current parks combined. 

The unconventionality doesn’t stop there, though. The park will be completely detached from the current property, with the campus located a few miles southeast from the existing Universal Orlando Resort. We can’t wait to see what they do with all of that space!  

Five Confirmed Themed Lands

On January 30, 2024, Universal Destinations & Experiences officially confirmed the five themed lands that will be coming to Epic Universe. From gliding on the backs of dragons to facing your fears in a year-round spook, here is everything coming to the brand new park: 

Super Nintendo World 

Hold on tight to your bananas and blue shells – Universal Orlando Resort is finally getting a Super Nintendo World! 

Universal Parks and Nintendo go way back, with their partnership starting in 2015. Since then, Universal Studios Japan, Universal Singapore, and Universal Hollywood have all unveiled their own versions of Super Nintendo World, with Epic Universe following suit. 

Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood, opened in February 2023.

During the Hollywood opening of the land in February of 2023, Universal CEO Mark Woodbury revealed that the east coast would also be getting a Nintendo addition at Epic. 

Woodbury accurately described this announcement as the “worst kept secret in history,” due to the heavy speculation of the matter in the months leading up to the reveal. 

Since then, Universal has also released the attraction line-up for this land, including the groundbreaking Donkey Kong: Mine Cart Madness. This thrilling coaster, originating in Japan, gives the illusion of the mine cart jumping off of the track! 

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Ministry of Magic

Still haven't gotten enough of Harry Potter? Us either!

Neither has the creative minds over at Universal Destinations and Experiences. 

In an homage to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, guests will be transported to both the 1920's Paris and 1990's London-based Ministry of Magic. 

No attractions have been confirmed just yet, but speculation says this land will have some of the most immersive rides yet. 

How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk 

Imagine soaring above the clouds on the backs of dragons. At Universal's Epic Universe, you don't have to imagine. 

Tag along with Hiccup and friends on a journey through Isle of Berk in this How to Train Your Dragon themed land. 

Dark Universe

Universal has finally answered fans who have been begging for a year-round haunt much like the beloved seasonal Halloween Horror Nights. Featuring classic Universal Monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein, you'll be stepping into a world of spook... but will you return?

Celestial Park 

Celestial Park will be to Epic Universe what Port of Entry is to Islands of Aventure, offering a grandeous entrance into the park. It is confirmed there will be shopping, dining, lodging, and even big ticket attractions in this portion of Epic Universe. 

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