Bite into Shōgun Orlando’s Dish of the Month This April

If you didn’t have dinner plans for your April vacation in Orlando before, you certainly do now. The smells of sizzling meat and veggies on an authentic teppanyaki grill are calling your name, and they’re coming from Shōgun Japanese Steakhouse on International Drive.

This spring season, the chefs at Shōgun are calling special attention to the beloved flavors on their menu with their special sushi and dish of the month.

Feast on a Fresh Start at Shōgun

Shōgun Japanese Steakhouse takes its Japanese roots seriously. From the ingredients on their menu to the themes throughout the restaurant, authenticity is the name of the game.

On the other side of the world in Japan, April marks the start for school and the fiscal year. It’s the special time of year when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

Each month, the chefs at Shōgun spotlight a different dish and a sushi roll from Sakura Sushi.

Because April is all about fresh starts, Shōgun gives special focus to its most popular entrée: the Shōgun Special. Your mouth will water over this entrée’s sizzling New York strip steak, juicy chicken, and succulent shrimp. Couple your surf and turf with fried rice, rich vegetables, miso or chicken soup, and a fresh salad topped with house ginger dressing.

Treat yourself to an authentic Japanese dinner and enjoy the rich flavors of the Shōgun Special. You’ll see for yourself why it reigns as the restaurant’s most popular menu item.

Fresh Finds at Sakura Sushi

After chowing down on the hearty Shōgun Special, top off your appetite with Shōgun Sakura Sushi’s dish of the month: the Shrimp Crunch Roll.

Nestled inside of salty nori and rice lies the savory ingredients to the Shrimp Crunch Roll. Savor the tastes of shrimp, cucumber, and smelt roe, all topped with sesame seeds, tempura bits, spicy mayo, and eel sauce.

One bite of this heavenly roll and you’ll embark on a fresh start to new, flavorful beginnings this spring.

Just in time for Japan’s sakura, or cherry blossom, season comes another one of Sakura Sushi’s promotional menu items: the Sexy Sakura Roll.

You won’t find this item on the restaurant’s regular menu, however, as it’s a designated “Sushi Chef Special.” Only those who dine inside Sakura Sushi can order the Sexy Sakura Roll, which you’ll find being promoted on the restaurant’s table tents.

Ask your server for one of these and get delicious crab, krab salad, cucumber, and avocado rolled in sushi rice and nori seaweed topped with escolar, also known as white tuna, garnished with smelt roe and served with yum yum sauce, perfect for the spring season.

Dine at Shōgun When You Stay at Rosen Inn

Rosen Inn is the home to the delicious Shōgun Japanese Steakhouse, Mr. Rosen’s favorite restaurant, and we’re also the closest Rosen hotel to Universal Orlando.

Get to the park in a flash with our free shuttle services to Universal, spend the day enjoying all the thrills the park has to offer, then come back to our comfortable, cozy hotel for dinner at Shōgun.