Guide to the Perfect Day at Universal’s Volcano Bay

Summer is quickly approaching and Orlando temperatures have already begun to rise. Highs will near 90° F most days which gives people great reason to flock to Universal’s Volcano Bay, one of the most extravagant water parks in Central Florida.  

We’re sharing all our tips and tricks to ensure you have a perfect day exploring this tropical-themed water park only a few minutes from Rosen Inn Closest to Universal.  

Volcano Bay from Rosen Inn Closest to Universal

Tap Your Way to More  

Wish you could spend more time experiencing the park and less time waiting in line? That’s exactly what was envisioned for this water park. Volcano Bay opened its gates in 2017 with a virtual line system featuring “TapuTapu” wearable bracelets.  

This system has a small learning curve. Ultimately can make your visit awesome if you know how to navigate it properly. We’ve come up with a quick learning guide for you. 

When you scan your ticket and enter the park, you’re given a TapuTapu waterproof bracelet. With this, you can scan yourself onto a ride's wait time touchpoint, a wooden pole usually directly across from the attraction’s entrance.  

Once you tap, you’re in the virtual line. The wait time will then appear on your bracelet. It counts down until it’s your turn to ride.  

When you feel your bracelet vibrate, return to the attraction and join the small queue before you ride.  

To optimize your time, as soon as you walk into the park, find the ride you want to do first, preferably with a longer wait time, and scan in before you go to the lockers to change. This way, you’re waiting for a ride while simultaneously getting ready for the day.  

Similarly, throughout the day, hop on the “Ride Now” rides with no wait times, enjoy lunch, or float away in the lazy river while waiting virtually for the most popular rides.  

Race to these Fun Rides 

Speaking of rides, let’s breakdown some of Universal’s Volcano Bay’s top attractions. 

We’re sure you’ve seen the huge volcano “Krakatau,” even visible from select rooms at Rosen Inn Closest to Universal.  

This 200-ft. park icon houses three drop water slides.  

  • Ko’okiri Body Plunge – step into this tube, where the door underneath you opens and you drop 125 feet, with a splash ending.  

  • Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides – grab a friend and choose one of these twin slides where you plunge down these intertwining tubes with twists and turns, and then meet each other again in the catch pool. 

An absolute can’t-miss is the Krakatau Aqua Coaster, this exciting ride is one of the park’s most popular. Fit up to four people in this canoe that slides down and upward, using magnets and gravity to propel itself, throughout the volcano before a final drop through a waterfall.  

There are tons of other fun attractions from raft rides, drop slides, to the huge wave pool towards the front of the park. However, one of our favorites is “TeAwa The Fearless River,” this thrilling version of a lazy river is so much fun. Hold on to your life vest and let this river take you on a roaring adventure.   

Volcano Bay

Feast with these Foods 

There are tons of choices for foods here, we recommend making your way to “Whakawaiwai Eats” for some of our delicious picks. Share the longboard pizzas that are packed with flavor. While we know it’s controversial, the Hawaiian Pizza is what you’ll need to keep you going.  

You can’t go wrong with the Island Chicken Salad and Jerk Shrimp Mac & Cheese.  

Be sure to tap into a ride before eating so that you can jump right back into the fun — after a 30-minute digestive period of course.  

Hawaiian Pizza

Swim into Sweet Sleep at Rosen Inn Closest to Universal 

Once the sun, water, and exhaustion catch up to you, make your way back to Rosen Inn Closest to Universal using our free shuttles. Here, you can relax and recharge for more Orlando fun in our cozy and clean beds.  

Dreaming of this perfect day? Book your room today.