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Tips for Packing your Carry-On

With baggage fees soaring to new heights, and no guarantees that checked luggage will arrive at your destination when you do, travelers need to get more savvy with packing their carry-on for theirshutterstock_384131038 trip. If you travel often, the items you bring may vary depending on location, the weather, your style, etc. Rest assured—no matter what you pack—Rosen Inn knows these tips will come in handy.

1) Check with your airline. Before you even start packing, call ahead or visit the airline’s website to verify the size specifications for carry-on. Ensure you’re within the given limit so your carry-on doesn’t change to a checked bag upon arriving at the airport.

2) Check with your selected accommodation. Also before you start packing, check with where you’ve booked accommodations to see what toiletries or other necessities they provide. If you can’t bring your shampoo or body wash in your carry on, verify that what they provide is something you can use.

3) Now we’re packing. We’ve always been told by our parents to fold our clothes and put them away neatly. Well, after all these years, here’s your time to rebel. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. Stack all similar items (pants/shorts, tops, skirts, etc.) in a pile and roll them together like a log, or stack outfits and roll them so you can grab and go.

4) Shoe win-win. No longer do you have to worry about your leather dress shoe being mushed in your suitcase. Stuffing small items like socks, scarves, or even thinner shirts inside the shoe will help to keep the shape of your shoe and save space when packing. Win-win right?

5) If your instinct says don’t pack it, then don’t pack it. If you have to second guess whether or not you’ll need something or whether or not something is allowed on the airplane, then don’t pack it. Your space is already limited so stick with those pieces you know you’ll wear. If you forget something, stores nearby should sell those missing items, unless you’re in a remote location like the Solomon Islands.

When you’re visiting Orlando and staying at Rosen Inn on I-Drive, you can pack light. We are in the center of all the excitement on world famous International Drive, so you’ll definitely find a store nearby if you’ve forgotten something. Call us at 407-996-4444 or reserve your room online with us today.

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